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Inspired by folding paper, the method to fold a plain sheet of paper into Three-dimensional Container can easily to be achieve in manufacturing, saving material and cost. In Rows Tray Set can be stacked, put together or used individually by users preference. Using the concept for adding up hexagon angles in geometry makes it easy to put together in different ways and angles. The carefully designed space is ideal for putting daily objects like pens, stationery, mobile phones, glasses, candle sticks and so on.

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Line Box

Caring for women is becoming a hot topic in the world. A daily necessities can also reflect the concern for women and help them solve problems. So their team conducted field research and found that many families had tailoring tools, but they were too many and fragmented to accept. To solve this problem, The team provided them with a solution.Can more effectively help people manage and receive small items such as needles and threads, improve the utilization of space and timeliness of work.

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Stomiiformes is a stress releasing, open-ended desk toy which allow for physical play and mental creativity. By combining different module sections, user will change their perception from fidgeting feeling to entertaining attraction. Through playing this abstract and visual poetic toy, the audience would find out their unique playing style and provoke their imagination.

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The Last Gift

The project is a breakup kit conveying the idea that well-intentioned actions can cause harm, and harsh actions can be served up as sweet as honey. Hidden deep within the lavish luxury of a silk scarf and gold jewelry lies dark sentiments signaling the end of a love affair. The goal was to push the boundaries of typography as well as to create a contrast between luxury and pain for viewers to discover.

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Designer gets inspiration from the crumbs, and makes a special design for the outlet of the crumbs. In the process of producing the crumbs, with the rotation of the pencil, a beautiful and unique flower is gradually generated. The ring curly petals are the pencil crumbs that People discarded at ordinary times. The colorful colors are radiated from the heart of flower to the outside, so that people can feel the gradual beauty and delicate romance unconsciously.

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Douban Movie

This movie-themed calendar is a decorative calendar with minimalist design. It is not only decoration on the office desktop, but also for the home design. The calendar takes advantage of a simple metal bracket with a detachable ring. Users can collect the calendar page of a particular day or give it to a friend. Each calendar page is printed with stills and classic lines from the movie of the day.

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